Feminine Odor – Tips On How to Reduce Vaginal Odors

by admin on November 17, 2009

Hey Tammie here,

I have found some great ways how to deal with feminine odor, these great tips will help you out by reducing vaginal odor to a more manageable state.

This was not easy at all! There is alot of info online but 90 % of it is just junk so don’t even bother trying any of them, these are the tips that will help you reduce the smell of bad feminine odors:

Feminine Hygiene odor control starts with CLEANING!

This is one of the easiest things that you can do to eliminate vaginal odors but so many of us do not do it the right way. If you take a bath daily (I know we all do right ?) and you have a foul odor down there then you must do more. Follow these cleaning tips:

  • Use unscented wipes on a daily basis. Don’t use scented because fishy odors and roses don’t go well together.
  • Use unscented soaps. These soaps clean deeper and don’t mess up your vaginal bacteria levels
  • Sweating will make your odors even stronger and can lead to more problems if not cleaned

Use a douche to get rid of vaginal odor

This tips is good in some ways and bad in some ways, so pick your poison (I would avoid it personally but it does work)!

Here’s the GOOD:

  • Reduce the your vagina smell down alot
  • FAST to do
  • Cleans out the bad bacteria that cause feminine odors

Here’s the BAD:

  • Throw off your PH balance of your vagina
  • Cleans out bad bacteria and also good bacteria, so if it cleans out all the good and leaves the bad then that smell will increase. I know, I know this is what you dont want to happen!
  • Could Flush unwanted gunk and bacteria into your uterus or fallopianĀ  tube

Avoid fishy feminine odors by not wearing tight clothing

Tammie what?!! This does work so don’t kill the messenger, now this tip may not work if your a wrestler but it will work for the average person. And if you don’t want to give up your tight clothes, well just try to air it out when possible to help with your feminine odor.

Here’s the tips:

  • Avoid tight jeans, shorts, panties and any other tight wear
  • Wear loose cotton panties
  • Don’t wear leather g strings, synthetic material thongs.. These materials do not protect you from bacteria and actually it makes you more moist and makes a breading ground for stinky bacteria.

AVOID THOSE DEODORANTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is something I can not leave out for your guys because it is so important. These deodorants do nothing but make that stinky vagina smell get stronger. These things help bacteria grow into super bacteria (sound funny right but its true).

This isĀ  a temporary fix ONLY! Don’t get use to using this because it will make your problem a bigger problem, like yeast infections or bladder infections. (There’s nothing more than I hate is a yeast infection)

Hope your found my first post on feminine odor helpful, these tips work in reducing strong feminine odors so use them and tell me what you think!

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