If you’re looking for the best way to eliminate that feminine odor also known as bacterial vanginosis, then I’m glad you found this site and I strongly suggest you continue reading……

This is my uncensored vaginal odor story. The ups, the downs, the stuff  that didn’t work and finally the one thing that did help me eliminate my fishy feminine odor.

feminine odor remedyThe Beginning
About 2 years ago, after I would have my period, I would notice a strong feminine odor down there. Now at first I thought that it was just something that would go away but after a couple of days it was still there! Then after a while it did not only get stronger and it began itching like crazy.

I washed frequently and I always took a shower at least once a day but right after I was done cleaning my vagina the smell was STILL THERE!

My boyfriend began to get really suspicious of me not wanting to have sex and I was just so embarrassed that I did not want him to know. My self confidence was at a all time low and I was paranoid everywhere I went, it seemed like I could actually smell it all the time.

At first I was afraid to go to the doctor, how can you just tell your doctor about something like this?

“hey doc, hows it going? Well I have a fishy odor downstairs, you wanna check it out.”

I mean its so embarrassing but I mustard up the courage and went to my doctor. He confirmed that I had bacterial vanginosis and prescribed me some antibiotics for my vaginal odor.

IT WORKED!!!!!! But only for about a week…

I felt so defeated, and the The smell, itching and now a discharge got worse. My Doctor told me to continue taking antibiotics and it would go away. After about 4 days it came back again!!

At this point I said “THE HELL WITH MY DOCTOR”

So I went online looking for things that would help me get rid of my vaginal odor. There was a lot of junk online but after a day of searching I decided that there was nothing that could help me get rid of this stupid odor!

One day I came across a forum and there was a post about a ebook named:

“Bacterial Vaginosis Relief,” it stated that it could cure my fishy feminine odor (bacterial vanginosis) in 3 days!

There were so many responses to this ebook and everyone on the forum said that it worked for them and on average got rid of there vaginal odor in about a week. So I said oh well I have tried everything else, so I decided to read the book. At first I thought it was another dumb remedy book, but it got interesting fast.

It shows you an easy step by step method that even a brain dead idiot can do, that can eliminate your vaginal odor permanently!

Click here to go to the official website of the book I’m talking about

I followed the step outlined in the book and guess what happened after about 5 days???

It went away!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It wasnt 3 days but who cares?? It worked!

Now I thought it was only temporarily so everyday I was waiting and now it has been about a year now and I’m still waiting ! I never thought that I would come across anything that would help me with my bad feminine odor problem but this book has helped me and I will refer it to anyone that is going throw what I went threw. And a big thanks to everyone at the forum for there support!

Click here to see the book that helped me get rid of my vaginal odor!

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